You asked: Who did Kayla Williams marry?

Kayla was briefly married to Adam Prather before they divorced and she is now married to Benny Small. She is now a grandmother as her daughter, Danielle, has two daughters with her husband George and her daughter Sissy, has two sons and is expecting a daughter in October 2020 with her husband Bruce.

Why did they cancel Gypsy sisters?

TLC cited poor ratings as the reason behind the decision (via TMZ), but it’s thought that other factors may have contributed to the plug-yanking. Mellie Stanley and her husband Randall Scott “Skott” Vuncannon had been having issues for some time, but one incident may have proven too much for the network.

How many times has Kayla from Gypsy sisters been married?

These days, she keeps a lower profile and prefers to spend time with her nine children — Heath, Albert, Dallas, Nuckie, Destiny, Chasitie, Huey, Sheila, and Kat. The reality star mama has been married three times, most recently to Huey Stanley. The duo renewed their vows in 2014 after ten years of marriage.

Who is Kayla Williams?

Kayla Williams is a United States government official and a former Arabic linguist in the United States Army who wrote her experiences of the 2003 Iraq invasion in her book Love My Rifle More Than You. This book details her personal experiences during the war in Iraq.

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Are the Gypsy Sisters on drugs?

The show’s cast ran into even more trouble

The terms of the deal include not using drugs or alcohol and submitting to random drug tests, meeting regularly with her probation officer, not owning a firearm, and paying back the monetary value of all the goods she got. Happily, Stanley seems to be cleaning up her act.

Are Alyssa and Heath still married?

Alyssa declined the invitation to the reunion but was given an exclusive interview to express herself to the Stanleys. Heath and Alyssa’s marriage lasted over a month, Alyssa reconciled and moved back in with her parents to take care of her baby boy.

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