You asked: Is it OK to help pay for your engagement ring?

When you know what you like, it’s 100% ok to pay for what you like or add some money on top of your partner’s budget to get the ring you want.

What if I can’t afford an expensive engagement ring?

You have some amazing options if you can’t afford an engagement ring. You can get an alternative center stone, you can get a smaller center diamond or a cluster ring, you can finance it, and more… Click here to shop for affordable engagement ring options.

Is it weird to split the cost of an engagement ring?

When it comes to the check, it makes sense to split the bill for dinner or alternate paying for movie-outings between you and your fiancée. But when it comes to splitting the cost of your engagement ring is the choice just as obvious? The resounding answer is yes.

How can people afford engagement rings?

Can you finance an engagement ring? You do have the option of financing a ring with a loan arranged through your jeweler. Using loans to make major purchases and keep cash on hand can be a smart financial move, and in some cases, the loans offered by your jeweler may fit your needs.

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How much are monthly payments on an engagement ring?

Exact regular APR depends on creditworthiness. Must spend at least $1,999. *Required monthly payment reflects a $1,999 ring purchase.

Engagement Ring Financing Options.

Financing Option Helzberg Diamonds
Type Credit Card
Required Monthly Payment $91 Bankrate: $91.25
Total Cost $286 Bankrate: $285

Who should pay for ring?

The most traditional way to go about this would be the bride pays for the groom’s wedding ring plus a gift and the groom pays for the engagement ring and matching wedding band for the bride. Today, a more modern approach by many couples would be to accept the wedding bands as a joint investment by both people.

How many carats should an engagement ring be?

In the United States, for example, the national average for an engagement ring is around one carat. In the United Kingdom, it’s 0.6 carats, and in Europe it’s even smaller, hovering at 0.5 carats.

Is 10k too much for an engagement ring?

General Rule: You should spend at least 2 months salary on the engagement ring. If, for example, you are making $60,000 per year, you should spend $10,000 on the engagement ring.

How long can I finance an engagement ring?

While you won’t get interest-free financing that way, you may qualify for a loan with a low fixed rate lasting for anywhere from 12 to 48 months. The advantage to this type of financing is that you’ll have a fixed monthly payment, and know exactly how much you need to pay each month until the loan is paid off.

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