You asked: How much does Wedding Cake stretch?

When grown properly indoors, Wedding Cake will yield approximately sixteen ounces per meter squared.

How much does Wedding Cake strain stretch?

However, some phenos have been known to stretch and grow like a Sativa strain. Yields are generous with the average plant bringing in 450g/m2. But with some experience or an outdoor grow you can expect up to 500g/m2-600g/m2 from the wedding cake strain.

Is birthday cake indica or Sativa?

Birthday Cake, also known “Birthday Cake Kush,” is an indica-dominant hybrid with strong body effects and sweet cake-like flavor.

Is wedding cake strain good for sleep?

Wedding Cake. A cross between Cherry Pie and GSC, Wedding Cake can have relaxing, calming effects, but watch for its appetite-stimulating properties — consume after dinner if you’re headed to bed.

Is Wedding Cake and birthday cake the same strain?

1) Birthday Cake (indica)

Birthday Cake is an indica-dominant cross between a phenotype of Wedding Cake and Cherry Pie. It was originally propagated by Seed Junky Genetics and sought after for its brilliant effects, mouth-watering aroma, and delightfully creamy flavor.

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