Will have been married grammar?

Generally if you say, “will have been,” it means that state of being / activity has continued over the period of time mentioned. In this example, the marriage has lasted for 25 years, so you say you “will have been married.”

What tense is will have been married?

Would , past tense of the modal verb ‘will’

So “will have been married” means: Will (in future or present tense) have been (over the last two years/past) married.

Has been married grammar?

Re: have been or had been

“Had been married” or “Had + past participle” is the past perfect tense used to show that two events happened in the past, and one of them happened first. If you say: “Annie and Alan have been married since July.” (Present Perfect) it means that they are still married.

Is married correct grammar?

For married people the expression is more normally “married to”, e.g. “John is married to Alan”. As an adjective you could say “John and Alan are married”. In the past tense you’d say “John married Alan”. “Marry with” is also grammatically correct but is commonly used with impersonal objects.

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Have been married for meaning?

You can say “I have been married for 10 years”= I have had a husband/wife for 10 years. (an action happened in the past and have been progressing to the present time.) You can say “I had been married for 10 years before we divorced”= I had had a husband/wife for 10 years before we divorced.

Will marry or will married?

There is no difference in meaning between the two forms, though the first one is much more common in speech. I will get married is the way that most people will say this most of the time. To marry is much commoner when used transitively or reciprocally: I will marry John on Tuesday.

Is put past tense?

Word forms: puts, puttinglanguage note: The form put is used in the present tense and is the past tense and past participle. Put is used in a large number of expressions that are explained under other words in this dictionary.

Are you married meaning in English?

Filters. Used to ask whether the interlocutor does or doesn’t have a spouse. phrase. 3.

Have been married and have married?

Re: ‘has been married’ and ‘has married’ for nearly twenty years. 2a) “Have been married” is a state or status, like single/divorced/widowed. 2b) “Have married” is a verb, a one-off action, e.g. A marries B.

How do you write to married?

Address a married couple using “Mr.” and “Mrs.” followed by the shared last name. For example, “Mr. and Mrs. Doe.”

How do you use the word married?

Married sentence example

  1. He married and decided to stay there. …
  2. “Yes. …
  3. He had started the clinic shortly after they were married , so his dream was barely being realized. …
  4. But we’re married – and have been for a long time.
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Will have been married for twenty five years?

Adding “will” to “have been married” makes the tense future perfect. Simple future tense “will be married” [(A), (D)] with “for twenty-five years” literally means they will get married in August and will be married for 25 years thereafter.

Is married to or with?

We use to, not with, after get married + direct object and be married + direct object: She got married to someone she met at college. She’s married to someone she met at college.

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