Who is Emily Wilson married to?

What is Adhir Kalyan doing now?

Adhir Kalyan is back on CBS, doing what he does best: comedy. The South African actor of Indian descent, who previously starred on the hit CBS comedy series, “Rules of Engagement,” playing Timmy for five seasons, now appears in a starring role in the new CBS comedy, “The United States of AI.

Is Adhir Kalyan married?

What has Adhir Kalyan?

Adhir Kalyan

  • United States of Al. 2021.
  • Second Chance. 2016.
  • Rules of Engagement. 2013.
  • Nip/Tuck. 2009.
  • Aliens in America. 2008.
  • MI-5. 2006.
  • Youth in Revolt.
  • A Nice Girl Like You.

Who is Emily Wilson?

Emily Rose Caroline Wilson (born 1971) is a British classicist and the College for Women Class of 1963 Term Professor in the Humanities at the University of Pennsylvania. She is the author of five books and in 2017 became the first woman to publish a translation of Homer’s Odyssey into English.

Is Pahud in Mall Cop 2?

Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 (2015) – Adhir Kalyan as Pahud – IMDb.

Is Adhir Kalyan British?

Actor Adhir Kalyan is Indian and was born in Durban, South Africa. In 2005, he moved to London to start his acting career, and he currently lives in Los Angeles.

Why did they cancel rules of engagement?

“The only reason we ended up in the Thursday slot was because another show was tanking and they were desperately in need of us. It’s been a real rocky road for the show. The first season, we only did seven episodes. … … We got a full season the next year and it was the writers’ strike.

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