What is engagement history?

Engagement History is a generic term for a collection of fields, related lists, and other Lightning components that make it possible to show valuable prospect engagement data on your most used records. Note: • All Engagement History components require a CRM User, Sales Cloud User, or Service Cloud User permission set.

How does Pardot set up engagement history?

Navigate to Setup, enter Pardot in the Quick Find Box and select Engagement History. Once enabled, go back to Setup and this time search for ‘Report Types’ in your Quick Find Box. To create a new custom report, click on ‘New Custom Report Type’ and enter all details.

How do I set up engagement history in Salesforce?

Select and drag the Engagement Metrics component into a tab on your page layout. Add the Engagement History Custom Lightning component to your lead, contact, and person account records to show how people interact with your marketing assets.

What is B2BMA?

B2BMA comes with 5 standard dashboards that allow you to view your data. They are the Engagement Dashboard, Marketing Manager Dashboard, Sales Pipeline, Multi-Touch Attribution Dashboard, and Account Based Management Dashboard.

What is engagement history dashboard?

An Engagement History Dashboard is powered by Tableau CRM, and gives sales and marketing users the power to explore and visualize important data. … The dashboard shows widgets that are tailored to each type of record.

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When did engagements start?

The concept of an official engagement period in Western European culture may have begun in 1215 at the Fourth Lateran Council, headed by Pope Innocent III, which decreed that “marriages are to be … announced publicly in the churches by the priests during a suitable and fixed time so that, if legitimate impediments …

How do I show Pardot activity in Salesforce?

Open the Users page. Click Admin (Pardot Settings tab in the Lightning app), then navigate to User Management | Users. Select the Users for whom you want to enable SSO. From the drop-down under the table, select Enable single sign-on with CRM.

How do I enable Pardot lightning?

Give Users Access to the Pardot Lightning App

  1. From Marketing Setup, in the Quick Find box, enter Manage Connected Apps , then select b2bma_canvas.
  2. Use Manage Profiles and Manage Permission Sets to assign the connected app to the profiles or permissions sets for users who need access to the Pardot Lightning app.

What is Einstein’s Pardot?

Pardot Einstein is a set of AI-driven features that help sales and marketing teams make smarter decisions. Pardot Einstein currently includes three features: Behavior Scoring. Lead Scoring. Campaign Insights.

What is Salesforce engage?

Salesforce Engage lets marketing share its content with sales to boost your company’s selling power. Sales reps can use marketing-approved email templates to contact prospects at the right moment and track the effectiveness of the messages in Salesforce.

What is a Pardot business unit?

Business Units allow Pardot customers to separate or partition their data by region, product or business area. This allows for your marketing teams to personalise their messaging to their relevant data lists.

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