What is an attendant at a wedding called?

The maid or matron of honor and the best man are also known as the honor attendants. … A bride who is especially close to a brother or male friend may choose a man as her honor attendant; the same holds true for a groom who wants to include a close female relative or friend.

What is a Groom’s attendant?

The Best Man is the groom’s main attendant. His role is similar to the Maid or Matron of Honor. But a groom also can elect to have a Best Woman if he chooses. Regardless of the title, the grooms Best attendant is responsible for: Assisting with planning (and paying for) a couple’s shower (if this is on the agenda)

What is the best woman in a wedding?

When the groom wishes to give this honor to a woman, she may be termed the best woman or best person, or may still be referred to as the ‘best man’. The bride’s equivalent of the best man is the maid or matron of honour. A gender-neutral term is honor attendant. * make a toast to the bride and groom at the reception.

Are the parents of the bride and groom considered part of the wedding party?

The Bride’s Parents: The bride’s parents traditionally serve as hosts of the wedding reception. … The Groom’s Parents: The groom’s parents are traditionally responsible for paying for the engagement dinner. The Ushers: The ushers help escort guests to their seats before the wedding.

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What is a Groomsmaid?

Filters. A woman who attends a groom during his wedding ceremony, as part of the wedding party.

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