Quick Answer: Did Kim Kardashian keep her engagement ring from Kris Humphries?

Before ending her infamous 72-day marriage to ex-husband Kris Humphries, Kim Kardashian West had to conceal her diamond engagement ring from Kanye West when she was around him. … We end up both at the Soho House and he sat at my table and I had my big ring on cause I was married,” Kim explained.

Did Kris Humphries get his ring back from Kim Kardashian?

The 20.5-carat ring had been listed as “impressive diamond ring” in Christie’s Magnificent Jewels auction. “Kris is very pleased with the final result,” Humphries’ rep told E! News, adding: “The ring is indeed Kris’ property that he received through his marriage dissolution.

What happened to Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring from Kris Humphries?

Kris Humphries auctions Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring for $749K. Celtics forward Kris Humphries sold the massive diamond engagement ring he gave to reality television star Kim Kardashian for $749,000 at a Christie’s auction on Wednesday.

How much was Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring from Kris Humphries?

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The site had a jewelry expert estimate the ring’s worth at somewhere above $3 million, which makes her ring from Humphries, estimated recently to be worth about $2 million, seem like a mere trinket.

Was Kim’s engagement ring recovered?

The makeup mogul confirmed her second engagement ring was taken in Paris — not her first 15-carat engagement ring which her husband, Kanye West, gifted to her in 2013. Kim noted she was happy to wear the jewelry on her hand again. … The 20-carat ring was reportedly worth $4 million, but unfortunately was never found.

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How much is Beyonce engagement ring worth?

Beyonce’s Engagement Ring

Designed by Lorraine Schwartz, Beyonce has a mahoosive 24-carat emerald-cut diamond engagement ring with a split shank setting. Jay Z clearly had to fork out for this sparkler, with the ring estimated to have cost around $5 million.

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