Question: How do you use the verb to marry?

What is the verb for marry?

intransitive verb. 1 : to take a spouse : wed He first married at twenty. 2 : combine, unite seafood marries with other flavors. marry into. : to become a member of by marriage married into a prominent family.

Is marry a noun or verb?

marry is a verb, marriage is a noun, married is an adjective:She wants to marry you. They had a difficult marriage. A married man can’t have another wife in this culture.

Which is correct Get marry or get married?

“Get married” is a common verb phrase, and is suitable here, so “We are getting married” is correct. “*Getting marry” is incorrect.

How do you use the word marriage in a sentence?

Marry sentence example

  1. You cannot marry into a higher rung on the ladder. …
  2. Did he feel obligated to marry her now? …
  3. He wants to marry me. …
  4. Do you honestly think I want to marry it? …
  5. They say it wasn’t my fault – but they don’t want to marry me. …
  6. We would marry in Iowa and honeymoon on a seven day Caribbean cruise.
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Is marry stative verb?

‘To be married’, ‘marry’ is stative verb.

Is marry an irregular verb?

Regular Verbs

For example: ‘Marry – Married’. … Regular verbs are easy to learn.

What is the verb of blood?

blooded; blooding; bloods. Definition of blood (Entry 2 of 2) transitive verb. 1 : to stain or wet with blood. 2 archaic : bleed sense 1.

What is the noun for speak?

speak used as a noun:

language, jargon, or terminology used uniquely in a particular environment or group. “Corporate speak; IT speak

What is the verb of expansion?

transitive verb. 1 : to open up : unfold. 2 : to increase the extent, number, volume, or scope of : enlarge.

How do you say to get married?


  1. be married.
  2. become husband and wife.
  3. couple.
  4. espouse.
  5. get hitched.
  6. get married.
  7. join.
  8. lead to the altar.

Are you married meaning in English?

Filters. Used to ask whether the interlocutor does or doesn’t have a spouse. phrase. 3.

What is another word for getting married?

What is another word for get married?

marry wed
get hitched tie the knot
walk down the aisle get yoked
get spliced become espoused
become man and wife take the plunge

What is marriage example?

The definition of marriage is the religious or legal process through which people become husband and wife, husband and husband or wife and wife, or the state of being married. An example of marriage is the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony.

What is the meaning of M in marriage?

M stands for Married (with spouse)

What are the 3 aspects of marriage?

3 Key Features of a Successful Marriage

  • Number One: Emotional Intimacy.
  • Number Two: Emotional Honesty.
  • Number Three: Respect, Respect, Respect.
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Preparing for the wedding