Is EXO Chen going to marry?

Chen made headlines when SM Entertainment, the company who represents him, announced that he had secretly gotten married in January of 2020. … That changed when, three months after the nuptials were announced, SM Entertainment confirmed that EXO’s Chen welcomed a daughter on April 29, 2020.

Who is Chen’s wife?

Since she could be a non-celebrity, it’s quite difficult to seem for information about her. However, EXO-Ls also found their thanks to learn more about EXO’s Chen’s wife’s identity! According to the fans’ assumptions, it had been revealed that the lady is known as Jang Min-hee.

Who is EXO Chen crush?

His celebrity crush is actress Han Chaeyoung. Today is a special birthday for EXO member Chen.

Is Chen still with Exo?

EXO Jongdae aka Chen has been on a hiatus since he announced enlisting for the military after marrying a non-celebrity person in 2020. … The singer started his military service in October 2020 and will be back by tentatively April 2022.

Is Chen from Exo a dad?

Chen, a member of the popular K-pop boy band EXO, has become a father for the first time. EXO’s management, SM Entertainment, confirmed some media reports of the birth saying Chen’s daughter was born on April 29.

Does EXO Chen have children?

Chen (singer)

Born Kim Jong-dae September 21, 1992 Daejeon, South Korea
Education Kyung Hee Cyber University Hanyang University
Occupation Singer songwriter
Children 1
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Preparing for the wedding