Your question: What are the most fun bridal shower games?

How many games should you play at a bridal shower?

Our basic rule of thumb is one game played for every hour spent. As most batteries tend to be three hours long, the average number of games played at a bridal shower is three.

What games do you play at bridal showers?

Mixing in a few of these classic bridal shower games is a perfect way to break the ice.

  • The Game: Bridal Shower Bingo. The Gist: It’s bingo, bridal shower style. …
  • The Game: Purse Raid. The Gist: It’s like a scavenger hunt using each guest’s purse or bag. …
  • The Game: Wedding Jeopardy.

How far in advance should bridal shower invites be sent out?

If many guests will be local, aim to send the invites four to six weeks before the event. A bridal shower involving many out-of-towners, on the other hand, requires more advanced notice. Six or eight weeks should be sufficient time for long-distance guests to make transportation and lodging arrangements.

Do you serve cake at a bridal shower?

Since the wedding shower is traditionally planned by the maid of honor, bridesmaids or mother of the bride, it’s up to the host to organize catering—including the bridal shower cake. While the dessert doesn’t have to be a surprise, it should delight the bride.

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