Will there be a one winter wedding?

We just do not know what happened. Now, in 2021, Winterfest has been changed to New Year, New Movie. So, One Winter Wedding doesn’t exactly fit that. Thankfully, they still made the third movie and it will premiere on Saturday, April 3, at 9 p.m. Eastern, on The Hallmark Channel.

Is One Winter Proposal a sequel?

What is left once you’ve unwrapped Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Christmas? For all you Hallmarkies, Winterfest has arrived to fulfill your need for romance. This Saturday, you can catch One Winter Proposal, the sequel to One Winter Weekend, and what a difference a year makes!

Where was one winter wedding filmed?

‘One Perfect Wedding’ Was Filmed in Canada

One Perfect Weddingwas filmed in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada at the Sasquatch Mountain Resort. Filming wrapped on February 19. Cole shared a photograph on Instagram from Whistler throughout filming. And she shared this picture from the resort.

Who is Taylor Cole husband?

Why was Sean missing from perfect wedding?

“We missed him so, as he’s such a presence. It was partly because of the pandemic and his [other] commitments. It’s just COVID and everything in life. Hopefully, we’ll get to make a fourth one (if the fans ask), but he’s doing really good for himself, and I really missed him.

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Preparing for the wedding