Why you should have a simple wedding?

More couples are going with a small simple wedding because they’re able to narrow down their budget and focus on the personal details that are important to them rather than pleasing a roomful of guests. … Smaller weddings can have just as much of an impact as a large celebration.

Why do people want a small wedding?

By keeping the affair small, you can save a lot on meals, seats, wedding favors, and invitations. So, if you’re on a strict budget, a small wedding is obviously ideal. Besides, you can use whatever money you save toward an extravagant honeymoon, or to plan a more lavish celebration.

Is having a small wedding okay?

Whether your ceremony venue is tiny or you’re a shy couple trying not to make a spectacle of your vows, if you’re not inviting a large portion of guests to the service, then you should truly keep it intimate. That means including, at most, your immediate family, wedding party and/or closest VIP friends only.

Why you should have a cheap wedding?

Like those who bought smaller rings, couples who had cheaper weddings suffered less stress over wedding-related debt. In fact, couples who spent less than $1,000 on their weddings cut their stress levels by over 80%.

How many people are in an intimate wedding?

What is an intimate wedding? Weddings with guest counts between 20 and 75 are generally considered “intimate,” although we’ve had them with as few as six guests.

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Preparing for the wedding