Why do royal brides carry myrtle?

A tradition dating back to the mid-1800s, British royal brides usually carry myrtle in their bridal bouquet, and we love this time-honored addition. The tradition stems from Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s 1840 wedding, when the Queen carried myrtle—known as the herb of love—in her bouquet.

What flowers did Queen Victoria carry at her wedding?

1840: Queen Victoria

On her wedding day, the bride carried a small bouquet of snowdrops (Albert’s favorite flower) and myrtle, a Hebrew symbol for love and marriage.

What happens to the flowers given to the royals?

According to Town and Country, when the royals are given flowers in the UK, they are handed over to their staff or security until their public appearance is over. They then decide whether to keep them or donate them further to other organisations.

What flowers did Meghan Markle have in her bouquet?

The beautiful spring flowers featured in Meghan’s bouquet along with Lily of the Valley, Jasmine, Astilbe, Astrantia and Myrtle, a staple in every royal bride’s wedding bouquet.

Did Megan Markle have myrtle in her bouquet?

Meghan Markle has arrived at St. George’s Chapel, giving us our first look at her stunning bouquet. … “Many Royal Brides across the generations have chosen to carry a sprig of Myrtle, which represents love, in their bouquets,” reads a recent tweet from the royal family’s official account from earlier in the month.

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