Who paid for Andrei and Elizabeth Moldova wedding?

But while noting that Elizabeth’s dad, Chuck Potthast, paid for his other daughter’s weddings, Andrei insisted Chuck pay for this one as well. “Chuck didn’t pay for our first wedding,” Andrei said in a confessional. “I paid for our first wedding because I had savings from when I was working in Ireland.

Did Elizabeth’s dad pay for the wedding?

Elizabeth’s siblings were also not pleased that their dad, Chuck, previously paid for her and Andrei’s lavish second wedding in Moldova. Things boiled over last season when Elizabeth’s brother, Charlie, made a scene at the wedding and called out Andrei. … “It’s almost like it’s a given that my dad is going to help him.”

How much did Chuck pay for Elizabeth’s wedding in Moldova?

He did, however, pay $30k for his daughter Elizabeth’s second wedding.

Why didnt Chuck pay for Jens wedding?

While discussing their frustration about Chuck paying for Libby and Andrei’s second wedding, Jenn called out her father for not paying for her nuptials. She said, “You paid for three. … It’s possible Chuck didn’t pay for Jenn and Charlie’s weddings because he already spent a hefty sum bailing them out of jail.

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Is Libby’s dad Rich?

Although his exact net worth isn’t available, Distractify reports that, being a real estate agent working in the States, Chuck likely earns more than $240,000 a year. As he is a business owner and holds multiple properties, his net worth is definitely more than $240,000.

How much was Libby’s wedding in Moldova?

During the Season 5 finale, which aired on Sunday, September 20, Andrei admitted in a confessional that his father-in-law dropped about $30,000 on the wedding. At first glance, that number seems pretty par for the course.

What does David Murphey do for a living?

Well, the Las Vegas native has got enough savings from his full-time gig as a computer programmer with a tech company called SR Systems Programmer, Clark County. As a programmer, the 60-year-old can take home earnings of about $110,000 per year. And he has been working with the company for around 16 years.

Who is Libby’s sister Jen married to?

90 Day Fiance: Jenn Potthast & Orlando Davis’ Relationship Timeline. Libby’s sister Jenn is often involved in her marriage to Andrei since Jenn dislikes her sister’s husband.

Are Libby’s parents divorced?

Libby’s mother is Pamela Putnam, and she is a talent agent. … Pamela owns a talent agency called Stellar Talents and represents actors, dancers, models, and singers. She is divorced from Libby’s dad Chuck Potthast and remarried Walter Putnam in June 2012.

How much is Elizabeth and Andrei worth?

Elizabeth Potthast and Andrei Castravet: $1 million.

Is Jihoon and Deavan together?

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Season 2 couple Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee split back in 2020, but it appears the drama of their separation will carry over into 2021.

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Are Kalani and Asuelu still together 2020?

Kalani Faagata & Asuelu Pulaa

Despite their ups and downs, the duo is still together. During a 2020 episode of Happily Ever After, however, Kalani hinted that things might be rocky between her and her husband.

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