When should you contact wedding vendors?

When it comes to booking vendors for your wedding, never wait until the last minute. Booking vendors less than 2 months prior to your wedding, may leave you with a service of lower quality.

When should I book my wedding caterer?

Booking a Wedding Caterer

You should definitely book no later than 6 months in advance. You don’t want somebody else scooping up your favorite caterer on your wedding date, after all. It’s a good rule of thumb to book your wedding caterer around the same time that you book your venue.

When should wedding vendors be reviewed?

However, any wedding vendor would take a five-star review even if it comes a year after a wedding! For etiquette purposes, try to have your reviews all in at least two months after your wedding. If it takes you three, don’t worry – your vendors will still appreciate your remarks on their products and services!

How do you politely tell a wedding vendor?

Here’s how to tell a wedding vendor no, you won’t be hiring them.

  1. Decide ASAP. Declining to go with a wedding vendor you’ve spent a little bit of time getting to know is not impolite—it’s all part of the game. …
  2. Don’t stress. …
  3. Stay respectful. …
  4. Express gratitude. …
  5. Refer them if you wish. …
  6. Keep it simple.
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Do you pick a wedding date or venue first?

Some couples choose to nail down the exact date when they’d like to wed, and then find venues that can accommodate that particular day. Other couples with more flexible timelines look for venues first, and then choose their date on their selected venue’s availability.

How do I write a good wedding review?

Now, where to begin? Here are our top seven tips for writing wedding vendor reviews.

  1. Write ’em before (or after!) the wedding. …
  2. Think about the stars. …
  3. Be honest. …
  4. Try to work out issues before writing the review. …
  5. Be specific. …
  6. Give a shout-out.

How do you review a vendor?

7 Tips for Rating and Evaluating Your Suppliers and Vendors

  1. Establish Performance Indicators. …
  2. Classify Multiple Suppliers and Vendors. …
  3. Devise an Evaluation Method. …
  4. Determine Who’s Calling the Shots. …
  5. Maintain Good Relationships. …
  6. Decide When to Issue a Red Flag. …
  7. Cut Loose Weak Links.

How do you say no to vendors?

How to Politely Decline a Sales Offer

  1. Thank the Person.
  2. Deliver the News Directly.
  3. Explain Your Reasoning.
  4. Suggest Other Ways of Partnership (If Appropriate)
  5. Keep the Professional Tone of Voice.
  6. Don’t Explain Rejection with Price.
  7. End Your Email Appropriately.
  8. Rejection with a Willingness to Receive Other Service Offers.

How do you kindly reject a wedding vendor?

“Hi (Vendor’s Name), Thank you so much for your proposal and taking the time to walk us through your services. We’ve decided to move forward with another (photographer or any other vendor) that better suited our wedding (or any other reason – budget, personality, style, etc.). Thanks again for your time!”

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How much should a DJ Charge for 4 hours?

How much does a DJ cost for 4 hours? The average DJ cost for a wedding reception that lasts about 4 hours runs around $600 to $1,200 with most DJ companies charging $200 per hour. This rate varies according to where you’re getting married and the experience level of your DJ.

Is 6 months too soon to plan a wedding?

The biggest difference between planning a wedding in 12-18 months and planning one in six months is choice: couples who start early are more likely to land their first-choice venues, photographers, and vendors. … If you’re flexible and on top of things, you’ll have no trouble at all planning a wedding in six months.

What does the DJ do at a wedding?

A wedding DJ sets the tone for your reception by playing the right songs at the right times, and reading the crowd accordingly. If you want your party to be a total rager, they’ll know the right tunes to put guests in a dancing mood.

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