What excuse does Hamlet have for his mother marrying Claudius so quickly?

Hamlet is upset about his mother’s marriage for two reasons. First, she remarried incredibly quickly after his father’s sudden death. This makes it seem as though she did not love him with any degree of constancy; her love must have been slight, indeed, to forget it so soon after her husband’s death.

What does Hamlet say in regards to his mother marrying so quickly?

Later, when Horatio comes to tell Hamlet of his father’s ghost, Hamlet further reveals his feelings concerning his mother’s marriage when, speaking of the hasty wedding,he tells Horatio,“Would I had met my dearest for in heaven / Or ever I had seen that [wedding] day.” In simpler terms, he tells Horatio that he would …

What are Hamlet’s reasons for objecting to his mother’s remarriage?

He wants the King to know young Fortinbras wants a war with Denmark. In his soliloquy, what are Hamlet’s reasons for objecting to his mother’s remarriage? She didn’t mourn his father properly and committed incest by marrying his uncle Claudius.

Why did Claudius marry Gertrude so quickly?

Because he was in love with her. The fact that she was “the imperial jointress to our warlike state”(Act I, scene 2) and thus secured his claim to the throne was also, no doubt, quite a bonus. Claudius loves Gertrude more than anything, except himself.

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What bothers Hamlet about his mother’s marriage to Claudius?

Hamlet is still clearly bothered by the physical/sexual aspect of his mother’s marriage. He constantly refers to the adulterous, incestuous sheets. He insists that his mother is too old to participate in that type of love and directs her not to go to Claudius’ bed any longer.

Why can’t Gertrude see the ghost?

Gertrude seeing the ghost would have served no purpose in the play, or it would have been counter productive. The ghost could appear and disappear at will. He need the guards to see him, so they would pass the word on to Hamlet. He needed Hamlet to see him in order to send Hamlet on the road to revenge.

What news does Horatio bring at the end of Scene 2?

In Act I, Scene 2, Horatio comes and tells Hamlet that the ghost of his father has been appearing.

What news does Horatio bring?

What news does Horatio bring to Hamlet? Horatio tells Hamlet of a great plague that has come upon the land. Horatio tells Hamlet that his mother has been excommunicated. Horatio tells Hamlet about king Hamlet’s ghost.

What do ghostly apparitions usually portend?

They are afraid because ghosts are usually considered as evil spirits and negative omens of things to come. As it turns out, they were right.

Did Claudius really love Gertrude?

Claudius can also be sensitive and gentle. He is genuinely sorry for Polonius’ death, and he truly loves Gertrude. He must kill Hamlet, but he refuses to do so with his own hand for Gertrude’s sake. He also sincerely likes Ophelia, and treats her with the kindness that she should receive from her great love, Hamlet.

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What would have happened if Gertrude didnt marry Claudius?

Hamlet can overtake the power of the king if she didn’t married Claudius. There was maybe cheating going on that time because in that time period it was really famous to cheat. Gertrude might have planned the whole death scene.

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