Quick Answer: Is it weird to have 2 wedding rings?

Answer: While most brides choose to wear two wedding bands for aesthetic reasons, there are some practical benefits to it too! In fact, this is not a new look at all. … So, to answer the questions, yes it is both an aesthetically pleasing style and a practical style too!

Is it okay to have 2 wedding rings?

When you’ve got multiple wedding bands, you can create a one-of-a-kind look with stackable rings. The cool thing about stacking is that you can mix and match materials, textures and styles so it looks incredible and unique as a stacked set but also brings big style and personality when you wear each one individually.

Is it weird to have multiple wedding rings?

If you’re an active, outdoorsy type, or if you have a job that involves working with your hands, it’s not a bad idea to have a separate ring made for those times. You might, for example, wear a gold wedding band most days but have an extra band made out of tougher tungsten that you can wear on the job.

Is it bad to change your wedding ring?

Whether it’s for an anniversary or just for a change of style, an upgrade is a great way to give new life to an engagement ring. Because the ring represents such a special moment and important relationship, any modifications should be carefully planned.

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Is it OK to buy a new wedding ring?

When to Think About Upgrading? There’s no right or wrong time to upgrade your engagement ring. This is a highly personal decision that you and your spouse should make together. However, there are certain times when it’s more popular to upgrade your ring.

Why do people do 2 wedding bands?

Answer: Many brides like the symmetry of wearing two wedding bands. They feel when you only wear one wedding band that it makes your wedding set look lopsided and unbalanced. They feel that by wearing two wedding bands you are keeping your engagement set symmetric.

What do 3 rings symbolize?

The three-stone ring is one of the most popular engagement ring styles because of its rich cultural history. … The three-stone engagement ring (also called the Trinity or trilogy ring) represents friendship, love, and fidelity, or past, present, and future.

Why do bridal sets have 3 rings?

Many times, a three-ring set will include a specially shaped wedding band that is designed to compliment and enhance the engagement ring. The third ring, which is for the groom, will somehow echo the look and feel of the bridal set, either by having the same engravings or the same still stones set into it.

Do you have to be married to have an eternity ring?

You don’t have to be married to wear an Eternity Ring. In fact, you don’t even need to be in a relationship! We recently conducted a survey* and found that for the younger generation (16-24), an Eternity Ring is known as a promise ring, for the over 40s it’s an Eternity Ring, and for others, it’s a celebration ring.

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