Question: How much is a wedding in Amalfi Coast?

In these cases, the price of a wedding venue on the Amalfi Coast or in Sorrento starts at 4.500 euro. -If your wedding is intimate, look for a small wedding venue on the Amalfi Coast. A wedding at a Hotel is a totally different concept.

How much does a wedding in Italy cost?

The average wedding cost in Italy is slightly higher than its French counterparts, setting couples back roughly $22,500 for 114 guests. A beautiful event has something to do with it.

Can you get married in Amalfi Coast?

Church Weddings on the Amalfi Coast

All the churches on the Amalfi Coast are Catholic; you can hold a Protestant wedding ceremony in private venues. As opposed to Capri and Sorrento, the diocese of Amalfi will allow weddings in local churches even when the couple is not a resident of the Amalfi Coast.

How much does it cost to get married in Sorrento Italy?

Fee for a Civil Wedding Ceremony in Sorrento, Italy

EUR 600 for weddings celebrated Monday, Wednesday, or Friday morning, or any time Tuesday and Thursday; EUR 800 for weddings celebrated Monday, Wednesday, or Friday afternoon; EUR 1,000 for weddings celebrated any time Saturday.

Are weddings cheaper in Italy?

Nowadays you can easily spend 30 000 euros on a wedding in Italy. Your main expenses will be the reception, which averagely costs, depending on the location and the number of the guests, 5000-1000 euros. … Of course, for a higher number of wedding guests you might need more space and need to rent a larger venue, as well.

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Is it cheaper to get married in Italy?

Is It Expensive To Get Married In Italy? It’s as expensive as you want it to be. Like most things in life, there are cheaper options, more expensive ones, and the best. Generally, clients do not pay for their guests’ travel or accommodation.

Where can I get married in Croatia?

Places to get married in Croatia – the Adriatic coast

  • Crveni otok, Rovinj, Istria. …
  • San Canzian, Buje, Istria. …
  • Villa Ariston, Opatija, Istria. …
  • Brown Beach House Croatia, Trogir, Dalmatia. …
  • Bonj les Bains, the island of Hvar, Dalmatia.
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