How much do wedding invitations cost minted?

How much do letterpress wedding invitations cost? Minted’s letterpress wedding invitations start at $485 for 100 invitations (for one-color designs). Adding a second color is an additional $90 (for 100 invitations).

How much does it cost for 150 wedding invitations?

Average Cost of Wedding Invitations

Guests Average Cost
50 Guests $150 – $300
75 Guests $250 – $500
100 Guests $400 – $800
150 Guests $600 – $1,200

How much do wedding invitations cost on average?

The average cost of wedding invitations sits between $400 and $650 for most couples. This pricing can change drastically based on several different factors. Amount of invited guests, wedding theme or design, and materials sourcing are the major things that add up to give you your final price tag.

Is minted expensive?

Minted is one of the more expensive printing companies we reviewed, but it had one of the best selections of card templates and a lovely website with easy editing. If you want to make a statement for a formal event or occasion, Minted is the way to go.

How can I do cheap wedding invitations?

Ways to Save Money on Wedding Invitations

  1. Make Your Own. This is probably the most obvious way to save money on invitations, but it’s often overlooked. …
  2. Enlist a Crafty Friend. …
  3. Use Your Own Cardstock. …
  4. Skip Engraving and Embossing. …
  5. Simplify. …
  6. Use a Standard Envelope. …
  7. Shop Around. …
  8. Start Looking Early to Score a Deal.
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How much do graphic designers charge for wedding invitations?

If you’re looking at completely custom design, the design alone will range from $600+ with printing and envelope calligraphy pushing pricing into the $2,000-$6,000 range. Much of the cost associated with custom invitations (and semi-custom invitations) is linked to your printing methods.

Do parents still pay for weddings?

According to the WeddingWire Newlywed Report, parents pay for 52% of wedding expenses, while the couple pays for 47% (the remaining 1% is paid for by other loved ones)—so parents are still paying for a majority of the wedding, though couples are chipping in fairly significantly.

Are custom wedding invitations worth it?

Hiring a custom wedding invitations designer is worth the money, but isn’t the right choice for everybody. … Hiring a custom wedding invitations designer is worth the money, but it isn’t the right choice for everybody.

How do you address names on wedding invitations?


  1. Use formal names (no nicknames).
  2. Middle names aren’t necessary, but must be spelled out if used (no initials).
  3. Spell out all words such as Apartment, Avenue, Street, etc.
  4. Abbreviate Mr., Mrs., Ms. and Jr.
  5. Write out professional titles such as Doctor or Professor.
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