How do you write an About Us page for a wedding website?

What should I put on my wedding website welcome page?

What to Include in your Welcome Message

  • A tagline – eg, “Kurt and Jemima are getting married!”
  • A greeting or welcome.
  • The purpose of your wedding website.
  • The key features of your wedding website.
  • An invitation to explore your site/ navigation tips.
  • A reminder for any actionable elements like RSVPs or song requests.

How do I tell people about my wedding website?

How to Announce Your Wedding Website

  1. Create a Simple URL. …
  2. Activate the RSVP Page. …
  3. Mention Your Wedding Website on Save the Dates. …
  4. Include Your Wedding Website on Wedding Invitations. …
  5. Tell Guests Where to RSVP. …
  6. Share Your Wedding Website at the Engagement Party. …
  7. Get Your Wedding Party Involved. …
  8. Link to Your Wedding Registry.

What do you write in a wedding description?

You might want to include details about how you first met, your first date, your proposal story, and the most memorable experiences from your relationship so far. This section is particularly helpful for guests like distant relatives or plus-ones, as some background information before the big day.

What to say to welcome guests at a wedding?

Thank you for joining us today on such a wonderful occasion.” “We would like to welcome all of you here today to celebrate and thank you for choosing to spend the day with us.” “Love has brought [NAME] and [NAME] and everyone in this room together today.”

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When should we announce our wedding registry?

Traditionally, the most appropriate time to send out the link to your registry is anywhere between nine and 11 months. Remember that every engagement is different, and timelines will vary accordingly.

Preparing for the wedding