How do I have a dry wedding fun?

What drinks to serve at a dry wedding?

Offer coffee, juice, smoothies, iced tea, or lemonade for guests to drink, and serve a delicious brunch during your reception. Chances are, guests will be less disappointed by the lack of alcohol early in the day, and they’ll still have the evening free to party.

How do I have a fun wedding without alcohol?

A juice or smoothie bar is one such option, where people can get interesting mixes of drinks without alcohol (this works especially well with the previous idea to have your event early in the day).

How about:

  1. soda.
  2. tea.
  3. sparkling water.
  4. virgin cocktails.
  5. smoothies.
  6. milkshakes.
  7. non-alcoholic beer and wine.

What does a dry wedding mean?

Unlike a wedding with a cash bar, a dry wedding is one where no alcohol is served during the cocktail hour or reception. While are many reasons to host a dry wedding (they can be considerably more budget friendly), they are not standard, which means you may find yourself with some questions on how to proceed.

What percent of weddings are dry?

While we’re for all types of weddings (dry, “bring your own” and open bar are just a few options), a majority of couples—92 percent to be exact—end up serving alcohol at their weddings. So how much do these couples spend on booze?

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What does the bride’s family pay for and what does the groom’s family pay for?

Tradition dictates that the groom’s family pays for the full cost of the rehearsal dinner, even though the bride’s family and friends attend the event as well. That includes food, drink, venue fees, entertainment, and transportation. Often the groom’s family cherishes this responsibility.

How can I save money on alcohol for my wedding?

7 Ways to Save on Your Wedding Bar

  1. Buy Your Own Booze. Buying booze at your go-to spot is a lot cheaper than purchasing drinks directly through a caterer. …
  2. Pay Per Head, Not Per Drink. …
  3. Limit Liquor to Cocktail Hour. …
  4. Pass on the Champagne Toast. …
  5. Try The ½ Trick. …
  6. Serve a Signature Drink. …
  7. Eliminate the Most Expensive Options.

How can I have a wedding without dancing?

11 Unique Wedding Reception Ideas That Don’t Involve Dancing

  1. Challenge Guests to a Game. …
  2. Ask an Artist to Paint the Room. …
  3. Have Fun in a Photo Booth—or Two. …
  4. Print Your Face on a Cocktail. …
  5. Guide Guests Through a Wine or Spirits Tasting. …
  6. Offer a Build-Your-Own Cocktail Bar. …
  7. Set Up a Portrait Studio.

What is a dry party?

A party at which alcohol is not served.

Can you toast without alcohol?

It’s Not Unheard of Actually, non-alcoholic wedding toasts do exist. There’s even a name for it: dry weddings. So if you’re worried about the possibility that your guests will raise their eyebrows at your “weird” toasting choice, relax. It’s been done before.

How important is alcohol at a wedding?

Thinking the entire process out is imperative to your wedding planning. Nixing alcohol will lower your costs, for example, but many guests may not be happy with a dry wedding if they’re social drinkers. Knowing your guests’ preferences is particularly important to this analyss.

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How many non-alcoholic drinks can you have at a wedding?

The Wedding Guru says: If you’re serving only non-alcoholic drinks at the reception, count on three per guest (for both adults and children). You always want to err on the safe side. Unopened bottles can usually be returned (but to make sure, you should check in advance at the store where you buy your drinks).

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