Do Tommy and Grace get married?

Thomas Shelby marries Grace in season 3 after her husband’s suicide. They live with their son, Charles, in a new house, but the reunion is short-lived as Grace gets shot by Vincente Changretta’s assassin. Tommy spirals back into his PTSD with his nightmares now worse than ever.

Do Tommy and Lizzie get married?

Lizzie is a character which has featured in Peaky Blinders storylines since the beginning of the show. Originally a prostitute, Lizzie went on to become engaged to John Shelby (played by Finn Cole) and work for the Peaky Blinders gang. Season five saw Tommy marry Lizzie and the pair have a daughter, Ruby, together.

Did Michael really betray Tommy?

While Tommy and Oswald both lived, Polly’s lover and Shelby family friend, Aberama Gold, did not. Prior to filming season 6, Cole talked about how Michael may have been the one to betray Tommy — but it’s also not set in stone.

What is Tommy Shelby sick with?

Peaky Blinders has not shied away from exhibiting Thomas Shelby’s battle with mental illness in the form of PTSD — post traumatic stress disorder, previously labeled as shellshock before it was better understood. In fact, Thomas Shelby’s mental illness isn’t the only example of PTSD on the show.

Who killed Arthur Shelby?

Linda pulls a gun on Arthur, but is shot by Polly Gray before she has a chance to pull the trigger. After the bullet is removed, Arthur pleads with Linda to leave the Peaky life behind and run away with him, however she declines, admitting that she is thankful she didn’t kill him as death would be too good for him.

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