Do Catholic priests say you may kiss the bride?

After the vows, the rings will be exchanged and the priest will bless them as symbols of love and fidelity. … “The priest might invite the couple to exchange a kiss here, during the sign of peace, or at the conclusion of the ceremony,” says Calis.

Why does the priest say you may now kiss the bride?

The Origin of the First Kiss

Back then, it was customary for the priest to give a holy “kiss of peace” to the groom, who would then pass the kiss on the bride. This was done to bless the marriage inside of the church, giving way to the common phrase heard today at most ceremonies: “You may now kiss the bride.”

What does the priest say before you may kiss the bride?

In the name of the Holy Spirit, I now solemnly declare you husband and wife. Let no one put asunder those that have been joined together today in the presence of almighty God. You may now kiss the bride.

Do they still say you may kiss the bride?

Most pronouncements end with the line, “You may now kiss the bride!” If that gives you the icks (and we totally get why it might), you don’t have to include it. You can remove the line altogether or change it to: You may seal your promise/union/marriage with a kiss.

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What to say after you may now kiss the bride?

7 Ways To End A Wedding Other Than “You May Now Kiss The Bride”

  • Don’t Say Anything At All. …
  • “You May Now Seal Your Marriage” …
  • “You May Now Kick Off Your Marriage!” …
  • “You Are Now Legally Married” …
  • “You May Have Your First Toast” …
  • “You Know What To Do, Make It A Good One!” …
  • “Let’s Clap For The Start Of Your Marriage!”

What does the pastor say wedding?

The Bride repeats the vow after the pastor as follows: I, B****, take you, G****, to be my wedded husband, / to have and to hold from this day forward, / for better for worse, / for richer, for poorer, / in sickness and in health, / to love and to cherish, till death us do part, / according to God’s holy plan / and …

What does the officiant say at the end of the wedding?

[Name], as you place this ring on [Name]’s finger, please repeat after me. With this ring, I thee wed and pledge you my love now and forever. By the authority vested in me by the State of [State], I now pronounce you [husband and wife, husband and husband, wife and wife]! End of the wedding ceremony.

What do you do after you kiss the bride?

After the kiss, the bride retrieves her flowers and holds them in her right hand. The bride and groom turn and face the audience, holding one hand. The officiant presents the couple.

What can you do instead of kissing at a wedding?

Fun Kissing Activity Alternatives to the boring Glass Clinking!

  • Use bells instead of glasses.
  • Have other couples demonstrate a kiss and you will replicate the kiss AKA- “Mirror a Kiss”
  • Set up some hula hoops and make couples hula hoop for a kiss.
  • Putt for a kiss.
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