Can foreigners marry in Romania?

Romanian documentary requirements for foreigners wishing to marry a Romanian citizen in Romania: The Government of Romania legally recognizes only civil marriage ceremonies that are performed in the City Hall in the area where the Romanian citizen resides. … No such government-issued document exists in the United States.

What documents do I need to get married in Romania?

Medical form issued in Romania stating that you are fit to marry. This is only valid for 14 days. Certificate of No Impediment stating that you are free to marry issued in your home country. This is then exchanged for a Romanian version at your Embassy in Romania.

How do I become a Romanian citizen by marriage?

Citizenship in Romania can be acquired by four methods: birth, adoption, repatriation, and request.

Acquiring Romanian citizenship

  1. Was born in Romania and currently reside there;
  2. Has resided in Romania for at least eight years; or.
  3. Has resided in Romania and been married to a Romanian citizen for at least five years.

At what age can you marry in Romania?

b) Age of Marriage – 16 years of age Civil Code (2016) Art. 272 – Matrimonial age (1) Marriage may be terminated if prospective spouses are 18 years of age.

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Can an Indian marry a Romanian?

It is best to marry either in Romania or in India. Do not involve the law of a third country if it is not necessary. If you follow the law of the country your marriage will be valid everywhere in the world. To find out how to marry, you go to your marriage registrar in India and find out about the paperwork.

How much is a wedding in Romania?

An average wedding costs between 40,000 and 50,000 Euro and, if all the invited guests arrive – usually around 1,000, it should produce 100,000 Euro.

How can I get permanent residency in Romania?

The permanent residence/stay permit can be obtained only if foreign citizens have already been granted a temporary residence permit and fulfil the following conditions: They have proof of a continuous and legal stay of minimum 5 years on national territory – with a maximum absence of 6 consecutive months.

Can I get a Romanian passport by marriage?

In order to receive the Romanian passport you will need Romanian civil status documents: Romanian birth certificate and Romanian Marriage certificate (for the married ones). Only after you have obtained these Romanian papers you can apply for a Romanian EU passport.

What race are Romanian?

About 88.9% of the people of Romania are ethnic Romanians, whose language, Romanian, is a Balkan Romance language, descended from Latin with some German, French, English, Greek, Slavic, and Hungarian borrowings.

What age is a minor in Romania?

What is the Romania Age of Consent? The Age of Consent in Romania is 15 years old.

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Can I stay in India if I marry an Indian?

The court observed that any person who is married to a citizen of India and has resided in India for the past seven years can make an application for citizenship by registration. … The Court noted, She is married to a citizen of India and is ordinarily residing in India for the last seven years.

Can I go to Romania without visa?

U.S. citizens may enter and remain in Romania without a visa for up to 90 days total in any 180-day period. … U.S. citizens who wish to stay longer than 90 days must obtain an extension (resident permit) from the Romanian Immigration Inspectorate.

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