Can bride price be returned?

On 6 August 2015, by a majority of six to one (with Justice Kisaakye dissenting), the Supreme Court judges unanimously declared the custom of refunding bride price on the dissolution of a customary marriage was ruled unconstitutional.

What the Bible says about bride price?

Exodus 22:16-17: “If a man seduces a virgin who is not pledged to be married and sleeps with her, he must pay the bride-price, and she shall be his wife. … You can still pay the bride price and still be denied the woman to be your wife by her father.

Is it compulsory to pay bride price?

Although customary law provides for the payment of bride price, it does not insist that the payment must be completed before the marriage is contracted. But at least part-payment must be made before a valid marriage can be performed.

What are the effects of bride price?

It was discovered that high bride price affects the stability of marriages through precipitation of domestic violence, poverty especially among young couples, dehumanization of the women and increased propensity for divorce. The study concludes that high bride price has negative effect on marital stability.

What is the difference between lobola and bride price?

The bride price, which is known as Lobola in many parts of the country, is paid by the family of the man to the family of the woman before the two are married off. … For some men, paying a bride price equals “buying” the woman, who becomes their property that can be treated in whatever ways they want, including beating.

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How do you pay bride price?

In Nigeria, a marriage is recognized after gifts are given, and a bride price is paid by the groom’s family to the bride’s family.

What is dowry and bride price?

Bride price and dowry are terms that refer to payments made at the time of marriage in many cultures, primarily in Asia and Africa. Bride price is typically paid by the groom or the groom’s family to the bride’s family. Dowry is typically paid by the bride’s family to the bride or to the wedded couple.

Around this time the lower caste also adopted the practice of dowry instead of brideprice (Alexander 1968; Den Uyl, 1995). Due to the potential adverse effects of modern dowry on brides, their families and society at large, receiving or paying dowry has been made illegal since 1961 under Indian Civil Law.

What is the bride price in things fall apart?

In chapter ten, a man named Uzowulu attends a trial to determine if his wife Mgbafo’s family should return her bride-price. The bride price is what a husband pays to his wife’s family in order for her to leave her family and become a wife.

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