Best answer: Is bride to be one word?

Before the wedding ceremony, the bride-to-be takes a ritual bath and dresses in clothes provided by her maternal uncles, in which she is wed. Parties that honored the bride-to-be without these elements avoided that label. They can not even be used in hyphenated words such as “bride-to-be”.

Which is correct to be bride or bride-to-be?

A bride-to-be is a woman who is soon going to be married.

What is bride-to-be called?

Noun. 1. bride-to-be – a woman who is engaged to be married. fiancee. betrothed – the person to whom you are engaged.

How do you say bride-to-be?


  1. fiancée.
  2. future mate.
  3. future wife.
  4. prospective wife.
  5. wife-to-be.

Do you hyphenate bride-to-be?

Are you trying to hyphenate bride-to-be? Unfortunately it cannot be hyphenated because it only contains one syllable.

What is bride to be party?

A bridal shower is a gift-giving party held for a bride-to-be in anticipation of her wedding. The history of the custom is rooted not necessarily for the provision of goods for the upcoming matrimonial home, but to provide goods and financial assistance to ensure the wedding may take place.

What is a Groomsmaid?

Filters. A woman who attends a groom during his wedding ceremony, as part of the wedding party.

What do you call a beautiful bride?

Lose the Word “Gorgeous” & Use These 14 Words To Describe Brides Instead

  • RADIANT. Radiance is all about light glowing from within. …
  • DAZZLING. To be dazzling is to be so bright that it’s almost blinding. …
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What can I say instead of bride?

Celebrant: A person engaged to be married. Gride: A combination of “groom” and “bride.” Marrier: A person engaged to be married. Nearlywed: A person engaged to be married.

What’s a blushing bride?

Filters. A bride who is a virgin or lacks sexual experience, and is nervous about her wedding night. noun.

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