Best answer: Do you stand when the bride comes down the aisle?

Typically, everyone will stand when the bride appears at the top of the aisle. It is a good idea to have your officiant to invite people to sit once everyone is at the “altar” otherwise, everyone might end up standing the whole time, which is no fun for anyone.

Do you have to stand for the bride?

Despite long-held tradition, the bride doesn’t actually need to stand on the left. After walking down the aisle, the bride usually takes her place on the left side of the altar.

Why do we stand when the bride walks down the aisle?

Some people will wait for the Mother of the Bride to stand. … This is their cue that they are then to stand. Then when the Bride and her father reach the Groom, traditionally people wait for the Mother of the Bride to be seated also.

Do guests stand during the wedding processional?

RELATED: SHOULD OUR WEDDING PARTY SIT OR STAND DURING THE CEREMONY? … “It’s perfectly normal for the officiant to say ‘please rise’ during the bridal processional, signaling guests to stand for the bride’s walk down the aisle,” says Sabrina Zeile, of Weddings By Sabrina.

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How is a bride supposed to walk down the aisle?

The bride is escorted down the aisle with her father, who stands on her left side. Together they process down the aisle towards the groom. Once they have reached the altar, the groom turns around and takes a step forward to greet the bride. The bride takes her place next to the groom, standing on his left.

What do you call the person who announces the bride is coming?

The bridal procession begins after all guests are seated and the processional (the music) has started. … The maid or matron of honor is the last of the bride’s attendants to walk down the aisle, either alone or with the best man. The ring bearer walks in next. The flower girl walks in just before the bride.

Can bride walk down aisle alone?

Can brides actually walk down the aisle alone? Absolutely! It is actually an old tradition that the father is passing his daughter to her husband to take care of and cherish. … Furthermore, she might not be in a close relationship with her father so might prefer to do the walk alone!

What is the correct order for wedding processional?

At the altar, the bride stands on the left, the groom on the right, facing the officiant. The best man stands beside the groom, with the ring bearer and ushers to his right. The maid of honor stands beside the bride, with the flower girl and bridesmaids to her left.

How long does a wedding processional take?

It should take no longer than 3-4 minutes for the entire wedding party to walk down the aisle with the bride taking approximately 30-45 seconds. Of course, the length of the aisle and how you want to time the processional with your music will make a difference in how long it takes to walk down the aisle.

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