You asked: Do people still ask the father to marry their daughter?

In today’s world, the old tradition of asking a father permission to marry his daughter can feel quite antiquated. (After all, its origin dates back to the 18th century.) Yet, the time-honored tradition of asking permission to marry is still carried out today and has evolved to be a sign of respect.

Do people still ask the dad for permission to marry?

The concept of the groom approaching his beloved’s parents and asking permission to marry their daughter may be old-school to some, but it is still widely entrenched in American society today. In fact, 70 percent of proposers ask for parental permission to marry their partner.

What do you say when a father asks to marry his daughter?

What to Say. Start by saying a sentence or two about your love for their daughter. Then say something about why you feel now is the time to move the relationship to the next level and follow it by asking for their blessing. For example, you might say, “As you know, I love your daughter very much.

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Do men still ask fathers for daughters hand in marriage?


By accepting the coin, the father has given the groom permission to marry his daughter. Back then the decision was up to the bride’s father and not the bride. Of course, that is not the case today. Instead, grooms are asking for the dad’s ‘blessing’ before getting down on one knee.

Should you ask permission to marry daughter?

If the relationship between them and their parents is strained, then you may not need to ask permission at all. However, if it’s your relationship with the parents that is strained, Bicklein recommends easing into it by engaging them in multiple conversations before finally asking for their child’s hand in marriage.

How do I ask my girlfriends dad to marry her?

Here’s how to talk to your girlfriend’s father about getting married:

  1. Make sure you and your GF are on the same page about marriage. …
  2. Meet the parents first if you can. …
  3. Have a man-to-man conversation with her dad. …
  4. Explain your wish to marry his daughter. …
  5. Ask for his blessing to propose marriage. …
  6. Now it’s time to PROPOSE!

Can a father marry his daughter?

Can a man legally marry his daughter? … X.: According to John Beckstrom, professor of family law, Northwestern University Law School, it is not legal anywhere in the United States for a father and daughter to knowingly marry each other. Such a marriage would not be valid.

Do you bring the ring when asking father?

You don‘t have to have the parents blessing or the ring to get engaged. I never wanted him to ask my parents because it’s my choice and I don’t need anyone’s blessing to get married.

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Do you ask the mother for permission to marry?

Like many things related to weddings, asking her parents for their permission is a long-held tradition, but it may not be right for everyone. As long as the bride and groom discuss whether or not to do it beforehand, they’re good to go. If you think her dad would appreciate the gesture, then do it as a formality.

Is it OK to ask permission to marry over the phone?

Would asking them in a letter or over the phone be too impersonal? Please help. If you can’t make a trip out there, it is okay to write a letter to her parents or call them. But, if you can swing it, contact them and see if you can visit, even if you just drive out for the day.

Can a woman propose to a man?

Can a woman propose to a man? Yes, of course, she can. … Plenty of women have decided to drop down on one knee and do the asking themselves.

Why does a man ask for a woman’s hand in marriage?

The tradition of a man asking a woman’s father for her hand in marriage still works today, depending on the dynamics of the woman’s family, as a positive way to bond with the future in-laws. … Several men explained why they honor the age-old tradition as a step toward a positive relationship with the future in-laws.

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