Why is my best friend’s wedding Rated PG 13?

SEX/NUDITY 2 – A brief shot of a woman clad only in bra and panties. A woman gets her tongue stuck on an ice sculpture and oral sex is implied. Kissing, sexual innuendo. VIOLENCE/GORE 2 – Pratfalls, reckless driving, a scuffle.

Did Julia Roberts really smoke in my best friend’s wedding?

CAST AS ROLE MODELS: JULIA ROBERTS plays a woman who wants and tries to break up her best friend’s marriage because she in fact loves him. She also smokes and says most of the limited profanity (including 1 “f” word used sexually). … While not the greatest role model, he’s certainly not bad.

Why is taken Rated PG-13?

Taken is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for intense sequences of violence, disturbing thematic material, sexual content, some drug references and language. This film about a father trying to rescue his daughter from the European sex trade features discussions about that topic, along with many scenes of aggressive violence.

Is Taken PG-13?

The violent ‘Taken’ movies are rated PG-13.

What age is waitress appropriate for?

We recommended the show for ages 14 and up, so save a night for this show to go out with your gal pals or your significant other. If all the talk of sweets makes you hungry while watching, grab some mini-pies from Eli’s Cheesecake during intermission.

Who are Julia Roberts best friends?

Julia Roberts and George Clooney

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Roberts and Clooney’s friendship stretches back to 2001. They originally met when Ocean’s 11 was in the works, despite what fans may have thought. “We had actually never met before. People just thought we had,” Clooney told People in 2016 at Cannes.

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