What is bride called in other languages?

What we call bride in different languages?

Saying Bride in European Languages

Language Ways to say bride
Dutch bruid Edit
Estonian pruut Edit
Finnish morsian Edit
French la mariée Edit

What is the word princess in other languages?

American English: princess /ˈprɪnsɪs, -sɛs/ Arabic: أَمِيرَة Brazilian Portuguese: princesa. Chinese: 公主 Croatian: princeza.

What is beautiful called in different languages?

“Beautiful” isn’t just for lovers either, saying it to your children, mom, or best friend totally works, too.

  • Afrikaans: “pragtige”
  • Albanian: “bukur”
  • Arabic: “hellwa”
  • Belarusian: “pryhožaja”
  • Bosnian: “lijepa”
  • Bulgarian: “krasiv”
  • Catalan: “bonica”
  • Chinese: “Meilì”

What names mean Princess?

20 Baby Names That Mean Princess For Girls:

  • Ameerah: Ameerah is a name of Arabic origin. …
  • Putri: If you want a name that sounds different, yet has a traditional appeal, then you must pick this one. …
  • Sarai: The name Sarai has a Biblical connection. …
  • Sera: …
  • Sadie: …
  • Zadie: …
  • Soraya: …
  • Zarouhi:

What do you call a Russian princess?

Velikaia Knazhna (in Russian: Великая Княжна) meaning Grand Princess but commonly translated in English as Grand Duchess, was the title of daughters and male-line granddaughters of Emperors or Empress Regnants of Russia and wives of Grand Dukes of Russia.

Which is known as Queen of language?

Kannada is the queen of all the languages of the World. It is the mother of many languages that are spoken now across the globe.

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How do you call a girl beautiful in Greek?

ómorfo korítsi. More Greek words for beautiful girl. όμορφη κοπέλα

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