How much is Priyanka Chopra wedding ring?

“A ring of this size and quality would cost around $300,000,” the expert went on to say. Well, when converted, the ring amounts to Rs 2.1 crore approximately. While this bling is totally unmissable, Priyanka has now switched it with a more sleek wedding band, which she is often seen flaunting in photos.

How much did Kim Kardashian’s wedding ring cost?

Kim Kardashian’s $4million ring.

How many carats is Hailey Bieber’s ring?

TMZ has reported that the supermodel’s oval-shaped diamond from Solow & Co. is between 6-10 carats and has an estimated value of $500k (around £362,000).

How much is Cardi B’s wedding ring?

Reportedly, the ring costs a staggering $500,000 but of course, Offset would spare no expense for his wifey. Here, Cardi is showing off her new manicure but you can catch a few glimpses of her blinding diamonds as well.

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