How many don’t tell the brides are still married?

Although Kaleigh and Simon had a tough time of it on Don’t Tell the Bride, they still tied the knot in the end. There’s only ever been one couple to completely call off their wedding on the show. In series 8 episode 18, Craig and Sofia never formalized their wedding vows. It was only done for the show.

Are Craig and Sofia from don’t tell the bride still together?

While Bianca and Adam’s wedding day wasn’t as disastrous as Sofia and Craig’s, the couple’s marriage did not last. … Although the bride wasn’t impressed with the beach-themed wedding, her dress, the flowers or the venue, the pair married and were ready to start their family and new lives together.

Do you get paid for going on don’t tell the bride?

Are Don’t Tell The Bride Weddings Real? The premise of Don’t Tell The Bride is this: a couple are given money for their wedding ceremony, but every aspect must be organised by the (often hapless) groom in just three weeks with no contact from the (very stressed) bride.

Are Laila and Nick still together?

Nick and Laila have been engaged for two years and will receive 12,000 pounds towards their big day. Series in which the groom must choose every detail of his upcoming nuptials, from venue to cake to wedding dress. Nick and Laila are madly in love and have been engaged for two years, but they can’t afford to marry.

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