Does Harvey marry Scottie?

In the episode “Play the Man”, she tells Harvey that she is going to be engaged when she returns to London. In her return in “Normandy”, she and Harvey agree to work together and she reveals that she never married.

What happened to Scottie in suits?

Scotty was very upset about Mike as Harvey tried avoid Scotty many times. She cares for Harvey so she asked Harvey to decide whether he wants Mike or Scotty. Scotty decided to leave Pearson Specter and fly back to London.

Does Harvey Specter get married?

While everyone waited for an update from Louis and Sheila, Harvey (Gabriel Macht) impulsively popped the question to Donna (Sarah Rafferty). The two of them got married straight away before deciding to leave the firm and join up with Mike (Patrick J. Adams) in Seattle.

Do Scotty and Harvey break up?

The reason Harvey & Scottie broke up was because of Mike’s secret. In the dialogue above from S7 E15, Donna is the reason Scottie doesn’t want to give Harvey & Scottie a chance. Why is that? She never had anything against Donna, and didn’t even know Harvey and Donna had feelings for each other at the time.

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Does Harvey sleep with Jessica?

After all, they slept together once years prior, kissed in season 7 and frequently make heart-eyes at each other, but the pair have never actually made their way into a relationship.

Why did Scottie Harvey split?

As she leaves, she tells Harvey that she had loved him, and it is evident that Harvey choosing keeping Mike’s secret over their relationship hurt her greatly. … A short while later, Mike pays Scottie a visit at her firm, where Scottie turns him away as she blamed him for her relationship ending with Harvey.

Who is Harvey Specter’s true love?

Suits’ Harvey Specter may have ended up with Donna, but Jacinda Barrett’s character Zoe Lawford was his best love interest. Gabriel Macht’s Suits character Harvey Specter had no shortage of love interests over the course of the nine seasons Suits was on the air. In fact, some might even call him a bit of a ladies’ man.

Does Louis Litt get married?

Now, for some personal developments. Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) and Sheila Sazs (Rachael Harris) got married … and then Sheila’s water broke! The baby was on the way. There were some complications — just enough suspense to make you wonder if something bad was going to happen.

Why was Donna fired from suits?

Donna deals with the fallout from the Coastal Motors case and is fired when she panics and destroys the document.

Does Harvey love Scottie?

So yes, Scottie and Harvey had a relationship on the show and he had feelings for her, but to me the show is telling me that they are of little importance, or at least less important than what’s happening between Donna and Harvey.

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Does Scottie betray Harvey?

It’s true that Scottie betrays Harvey in her first apparition on Suits (1×07). She betrays him in the case (it’s a merger between two hotels), and she doesn’t tell him that she is going to marry and sleeps with him but…

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