Do you need a permit to get married on Fort Lauderdale Beach?

No permit required for weddings on Fort Lauderdale beach, but there are a few guidelines. The beach area between NE 19th Street and SE 3rd Street is available on a first-come, first-served basis for weddings. Wedding parties are welcome to bring chairs, use a runner on the sand or a bridal arch for ceremonies.

Do you need a permit to get married on a Florida beach?

Do I Need a Florida Marriage License for Weddings on the Beach in Florida? Yes! If you want to get married anywhere in Florida, including on the beach, you will want to obtain a Florida marriage license in advance.

How do you get a Florida beach wedding permit?

Both partners must be at least eighteen (18) years old and single to obtain a Florida marriage license. Both applicants must appear in person and provide a picture-type identification with the date of birth shown, such as a driver’s license, passport, or student ID.

What is the best month to get married in Florida?

March. March We would say is officially The Best Months and Times to Get Married in Florida. It is the most busiest for us, the weather is perfect for weddings and outdoor activities such as diving, snorkeling, and swimming. Tip: If planning for March, plan early, at least a year in advance.

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How much does it cost to get married in Florida on the beach?

Fortunately, a beach wedding in Florida doesn’t have to break the bank. Even a small beach wedding will include everything you’d expect at a traditional ceremony including elegant decor, wedding officiant, sound system, and photographer. Florida beach wedding packages begin at $895 and top out at approximately $2995.

What do you throw at a beach wedding?


  • Pom-poms. My favorite alternate to rice has to be the pom-poms. …
  • Bubbles. Possibly the sweetest and most summery option is the bubbles. …
  • Glitter. …
  • Various Alternatives to Confetti. …
  • Lavender/Dried flowers/Rose Petals. …
  • Birdseed. …
  • Paper planes.

What is beach wedding attire?

Beach Formal

A dress, suit, or jumpsuit all work for a formal beach wedding. Opt for solid, lighter colours (avoiding black, cream, and white) and breathable fabrics. Tea-length dresses and jumpsuits are acceptable for formal beach attire. To up the elegance, wear a fabric such as metallic or lace.

Can a notary marry you in Florida?

Florida is one of only three states (the other two are South Carolina and Maine) which authorize their Notaries Public to “solemnize the rites of matrimony.” A Florida Notary may perform a marriage ceremony providing the couple first obtain a marriage license from an authorized Florida official and may only perform a

What is the best beach to get married on in Florida?

Popular beach wedding destinations include Naples, Marco Island, Captiva Island, Sanibel Island and Fort Myers Beach, Siesta Key, Sarasota, Anna Maria, Clearwater, Treasure Island, Orlando, Cocoa Beach, Destin, Fort Lauderdale and Miami Beach.

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