Do people still do wishing wells at bridal showers?

Wishing wells at bridal showers are popular in the NYC/NJ area. Most people bring small gifts such as spatulas or pot holders, to place in the wishing well. Wishing well gifts are in addition to gifts bought from the bride’s registry.

Are wishing wells tacky?

Wishing well is also a term for a cash box, essentially, that couples put out at the wedding and then expect guests to fill with money. That is tacky and rude.

Do people still give bridal showers?

Of course dowries aren’t a thing anymore, and more couples are choosing to wed later in life, so not everyone feels the need to have a gift-centric prewedding shower. … Plus, your options for themes and activities are endless, so it never needs to be just a bunch of ladies sitting around watching you open gifts.

Is a wishing well Anonymous?

At some weddings, guests can remain anonymous as to avoid embarrassment. While other guests are happy to let the couple know how much they pitched in. However you decide to organise a wishing well at your wedding, family, friends and guests will be happy to pitch in.

How much money should you give at a bridal shower?

The standard amount to spend on a bridal shower gift is around $50-$75. If you’re invited to a bridal shower but not particularly close with the bride, expect to spend at least $25. Regular friends, co-workers, or distant family members should consider spending up to $75 if they have the budget to spare.

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Is it rude to ask for money for your wedding?

Some say asking for money is a definite no-no, while others don’t mind at all. … Emily Post and other etiquette professionals contend that “you should never ask for money on the invitation” as it is presumptuous, rude and in poor taste. Instead, the information should be spread informally among family and friends.

Do you wrap wishing well gifts?


Your instincts are right though: These gift are usually something small that you throw in—there will probably be an actual well—in addition to the shower gift. I would wrap it, but I’d include a tag, even if the invite says not to.

How do you say wishing well on a bridal shower invitation?

Engraved invitations to a bridal shower typically contain formal verbiage. The words “wishing well” are followed by a colon and clearly state the preferred gift. An example is “Mary’s new kitchen has been decorated in taupe and beige tones, with dark hardwood cabinets.

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