Can IFS officer marry?

Can IFS officer marry foreigner?

Clause 8(1) of the Indian Foreign Service (conduct and discipline) Rules, 1986 says no member of the service shall marry any person other than an Indian citizen “without the prior permission in writing of the government“.

Can a diplomat marry a foreign?

Single diplomats from other countries (yes, marriage to one of them could be problematical, but it does happen); and. Local people you meet through interest groups or your Embassy work.

Can IFS officers take their family?

An IFS officer can take his/her parents abroad but the Government provides for medical facilities of only dependent parents- who have no body else to look after them and have abysmally low income. … Government provides for education fees for the children(up to 2 children only) above five years of age.

Can a female IAS officer marry a foreigner?

5 Answers. A Government servant who has married or marries a person other than of Indian nationality shall forthwith intimate the fact to the Government.. … Officers who intend to marry foreign nationals have made a written application to the foreign secretary and give the government one year to reply.

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What is IFS salary?

Grade, Rank and Salary Structure of Indian Foreign Service (IFS):

Grade Rank Basic Pay (Rs.)
Junior Administrative Scale Deputy Secretary 12750
Senior Administrative Scale Joint Secretary 18400
Selection Grade IV Counselor Director 15100
High Commissioner/Ambassador Foreign Secretary 26000 (Fixed)

Do IFS officers get servants?

Please do remember that we don’t get cars or servants or all sorts of other freebies that people imagine us to be getting.

How do you address an ambassador’s wife?

In direct conversation, address an ambassador as Mr. /Madam Ambassador or Ambassador Jones. His/her spouse should be referred to as Mr. /Mrs. Jones or Ms. Smith, if the spouse is a woman who kept her maiden name after marriage.

Can IAS marry IAS?

The interstate transfer of IAS officers is permitted only in the case of the marriage of IAS officers. In such a case, both should be a member of Indian Administrative Services and must apply for cadre change citing the reason.

Is IFS a good option?

Exam is easy but it takes consistency and perseverance through NCERTs and then mains answer writing practice to reach Foreign Service Institute in Delhi. In summary, it is a great career but you need to be sure that you want a globally mobile job or you want more settled India focused role.

Do IFS officers enjoy their life?

It may seem that a diplomat is living a very exciting and comfortable life. Typically, they get large houses of domestic workers to work in. They’re even going to throw and attend celebrations. IFS officers also don’t have to think about interacting with politicians like their IAS/IPS peers.

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Is IFS a stressful job?

It is a prestigious job as you are serving and representing the nation. … An IFS officer is the one who represents the nation in various countries. So, you should mold your personality accordingly. The benefits and perks are very eye-catching but the responsibilities are very stressful.

Can IAS wife do business?

Conditions Under Which IAS Officers Can Do Their Own Business. Retired IAS officers can directly take part in any kind of lucrative business. … IAS officers can have their family and friends start a business in their stead while they act as advisers and share their ideas.

Can female IAS officer wear jeans?

Do not wear sneakers, chappals, noisy shoes or very high heels. Do not wear too expensive accessories or jewellery. For example, for females, bangles can be very distracting. Wearing jeans should be strictly avoided.

Can IAS take leave for marriage?

At present, there is no provision in the existing guidelines for the cases where either of the officers of all India services–Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Police Service (IPS) and Indian Forest Service (IFoS)–i.e. husband or wife can opt for the cadre of their spouse being their respective home cadre.

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